about resort

Terra Ventura Hotel is located in Gondorf,  one of the most picturesque villages of the southern Eifel. The resort spread on 2 acres of natural landscape with spectacular views of the nature of Germany, in the midst of the amazing rural idyll, surrounded by rolling hills, the corn fields, forests and groves.

Here, away from the hustle of big cities, everything suggests to rest. Comfort room with wide windows allows endlessly admire the local landscape, two restaurants with common and high kitchen from our chef-Koch, full of both traditional dishes and modern low-calorie offerings, designed the interior spaces of the hotel and a rich infrastructure of out-door territory - a tennis court, field for mini-football, site for a barbecue – everything aimed at a varied guest’s leisure.

The wellness center works year-round, offering guests the services of a masseur, beautician and dietician, along with free sauna and swimming pool. There you can enjoy a refreshing fruit cocktail or herbal tea strengthens the immune system.

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