Wildpark “Eifelpark” is located 600 meters from Terra Ventura Hotel. The park is one of the most beautiful parks in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland-Eifel-Mosel region. It is a protected area of 11 hectares, where nature has been preserved in its original form. “Eifelpark” is the home for more than 200 animals. Moreover, it offers amusement areas for children and grown-ups.

Eifel region is one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. Enjoy unique and breathtaking landscapes. Here you will find a lot of forests, clean air and total relax. Eifel invites you to enjoy numerous mirror lakes and rivers. Let yourself have a rest from everyday routine in these vast expanses. There’s nothing better than to have a walk around the vicinities and enjoy the views.

Visit, for example,  Manderscheid and Sankt Thomas an der Kyll and Burg Arras, dating back to the X-XII centuries, castle Schloss Hamm, castle Schloss Malberg with Schlosskapelle - XIV-XVI, as Römische Villa Longuich founded quite in15 year BC.

And please don’t forget about Trier – the oldest city of Germany, which is older than Rome and offers great sightseeing opportunities: Porta Nigra, Dom, Konstantin Basilika, Kaiserthermen or Amphiteater.